Upon request of the Amur Tiger Centre, RT channel have made a 360 format film on the people who are closely related to the (Amur) tiger.

Each hero of the film has one thing in common – the aim to preserve the rear predator for next generations. However, each hero has a tiger of his own.

In order to tell the story moviemakers reconstructed situations which environmental organizations, governmental bodies and average people face day by day.

It`s detaining poachers, investigating and searching for evidence as well as resolving conflicts between human and tiger let alone many other situations. The film is closest to reality as never before. All the action was reconstructed by the acting officers of the specialized agencies and organizations. Guest actors performed parts of the villains for we believe that true criminals must sit behind the bars but not in front of the camera.

Thanks to the 360-degree technology, spectators can literally feel like party of the action. Both observation line and angle can be set with the mouse or a bend of either a tablet or a smartphone. We recommend that you use virtual reality glasses to get maximum effect.



For full 360 experience watch the video in YouTube app